Friday, April 18, 2008

Chillin Out Maxin, relaxing all Cool

First off thanks for all the compliments on my SP and hair-what a boost to my confidence!

I had kind of a lazy day and I loved every minute of it. I was just chilling out in the yard with Keats so these are really just snapshots.

I even have some hand blur going on and it didn't bother me.....too much!! Thats progress for me, I am in a 12 step program to help me realize that not all pictures of my kids have to be perfect.
and cropped

Hmmm what is this:

I am sure it is meant to be eaten, isn't everything:

What the deuce? That was disgusting:

He kept doing the cutest thing, every time he walked away he would coming running back and sit in my lap

And yes I painted my nails immediately after seeing this picture :)

Have a great night!


Kristi said...

Shooting some b-ball outside after school when a couple of guys up to no good... Should I keep going?!

Oh how I love his hair!!! He has Yums' hair when his is long! LOVE him!!!!

pat said...

Bobbi, I love your little guy! That gorgeous hair; kina like a halo, and those incredible eyes!!! What a fun day you captured.

Anonymous said...

Hes so cute.. Don't you just love how they have to stick everything in thier mouth?

Becky said...

Kristi stole my line. :-) What beautiful light to see your little cutie in. I love veg days.

Reds said...

He is adorable! Love the curly hair!! Love that last shot!!

Malisa said...

I really like that first one! What a beautiful picture- very sweet!

Chell said...

I love those curls. What a sweety. These are so much fun...

Yvette A said...

What a little cute little guy he is. great photos and I am sooooooo JEALOUS of your weather.

Jess said...

LOL! You really have a knack for putting random songs in my head, you know that? :p

Keats is adorable. But you know that. I love the shot of your feet. Your feet are WAY prettier than mine!

I had a lazy day today too. I didn't even take any pictures! GASP!

Cindi Koceich said...

You've got me singing The Fresh Prince of Belle Aire with your title!!
These are beautiful shots!! Look at those curls!!!

For Over 29 Years... said...

OMG that hair is just adorable. His eyes. Even your snapshots are great. I wish I could get eyes with perfect clarity like that!

April said...

oh i love these..esp the first one and second one..too cute.

Tera Fraley said...

How adorable!! He is just too cute, I think these are great. I love that last one!!

Suzy said...

I think these are gorgeous! I love the colors, clarity and that last foot shot is great!

Angela2932 said...

Such a cutie! I love the first photo with the DOF; such a great background. And the little hand with the daisy is so appealing!

Sharon said...

Wonderful captures! I saw no blur just an adorable boys and some really cute piggies..

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