Monday, March 30, 2009

Fiesta and Adultery


This Boy...

Ahh this boy. I love him. I love him with every fiber in my body. But he
tests me...oh Lord does he test me. Is six the official age you begin
testing your parents to see what you can get away with? Or is it just
because he thinks he looks older that he can act older, because he just
does not seem six in any sense to me.


As much as he tests me, he cracks me up though and that makes up for it.

The other day he informed me that my car smelled like adultery. I
understand that this statement requires some explanation. Let me start off
by saying that Blaze forgets nothing. He really doesn't. He is always
remembering the tiniest details of days from even when he was two. He will
constantly say "remember when" and I never remember until he starts giving
more and more details until I do remember.

So let me give you this tiny detail from about two years ago. I put a new
air freshener in my car and James gets in and comments that it smells like
a guys cologne. That's it, no other mention of it.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when Blaze was studying on memorizing
his 10 commandments for school. He is just going through reciting them to
me, "Honor thy mother and Father", "Thou shall not steal, " and then he
gets to, "Thou shall not commit adultery" and he pauses and raises his
little eyebrows and just gives me that Blaze look. So I asked him, "Why
are you looking at me like that? Your dad and I don't commit adultery."
And he tells me, "Well your car sure smelled like it
that one time!" I started cracking up but I honestly had no idea what he
was talking about until he reminded me of my air freshener. Let's hope he didn't tell that one to the teacher.

He also told me last year when I picked him up after I had gotten Mexican
take-out for lunch that my car smelled like a you think I could
market an air freshener called "Fiesta and Adultery"??

Maybe I do see the six year old in him here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy B-day Ray Ray

Oh my gosh I think everyone in my house is officially not sick any more. I sure hope so cause I need to take pictures of a kid in the worst way. I didn't want to risk taking them outside just yet but I promise Jenn and Jess I will get my fishy pictures soon. (I am always late for a date, ;) )

On to today's post Monday is my best friend Rachels birthday. I am always trying to find perfect or unique gifts and Rachel just moved into a new place with her fiancee. I happened upon some site that had these really cool prints, most of them were words with one or two pictures thrown in. I thought they were really cool and went to check the price. $175! Yeah I love Rachel but that's a lot lol.

So one of my friends said maybe I could make something like that. Now I don't think I am that creative in that department, but I started to think about it. Photoshop seemed to be my only answer. I found a ton of really cool royalty free allowed to use for personal use vectors and went to work with some textures.

If I do say so myself I think they turned out pretty a-mazing! I even love them more than the originals I saw. There is just something about the pictures over the words that I love. The hard part was picking which ones to use, I have quite a few that I didn't use.

This picture really doesn't do them justice (just layed them out on my floor), but they will look so cool hanging on a wall.


A little closer look at some of them:




FYI- It is so hard to find 9 matching 8x8 square frames (heck even finding a square frame was kinda hard). So I had to order them, in the end I did save money but it was still kinda pricey. Who said you can't put a price on friendship ;) Now I have to make one for my house.

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stopping to smell the flowers

I haven't been blogging as much because time has just been hectic around here. I have been trying to spend more quality over computer time with the family. I can't wait for summer.

Feel free to skip my next ramblings if wanted...sometimes it just helps me think to write it all out there.

On top of that I have been agonizing over whether to keep Blaze in private school or go public and I am so not good with decisions. I do love Blaze's school but it cost money and unfortunately in this economy every penny counts. I don't want money to be my deciding factor but sometimes it just is. Public schools cases of violence scare me I think (I am a paranoid mom...and yes I know it can happen anywhere in my head though I think it happens less at private schools.) Maybe it doesn't help that one of my best friends is the sheiff deputy at a local high school, I don't like hearing his stories lol. I also love the connection Blaze has with God and I know it means a lot to him to have that at school. He told me he would be sad if he couldn't study the Bible at school. I also know he will always have that connection, he just truely has God in his heart. Realistically I don't know if I can afford to send him to private forever, and then when Keats goes it will be twice as much. I feel if I am not going to to do it the whole time I should take him out now while it is still easy to make friends....anyone want to make this decision for me??!! Or just tell me that public schools are ok....or send me 100 grand lol.

Anyways, I was walking in the door the other day and saw this tiny flower poking out of the made me feel good that spring was coming. Not the best picture cause it was sunny but I still love the feeling of just being able to breathe it gave me momentarily.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Fault

I guess I can't really be mad at him. I asked James to go get me a flower from Kroger cause I was insanely bored and wanted to use my macro.

So he got me this funky St Patricks Day flower, which was pretty cool.


But he also came home with a box of these:


UGH! I have been trying to avoid girl scouts this year. I can't resist the carmel delights. Oh well I guess one box won't hurt (and yes I ate the whole myself) Oh and then there is the box of thin mints and peanut butter patties too...ummmm be right back.

BTW, some of you asked why no pictures of my hubby in the tattoo shots. It actually wasn't so you didn't see his tears, believe it or not he didn't cry. But he told me no pictures because his hair was a mess...that might be worse than the tears honey ;) And that's what you get for bringing home the cookies, called out. I think this calls for an Oh Snap! Love you :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So for Vday I got my hubby a tattoo that he had talked about forever getting. Yesterday was Tday(tattoo day). If you don't know by now I love them! Love getting them, watching them, even the smell of the I weird? Don't answer.

I am kind of a lazy photographer when it comes to personal stuff. On session I work to get every possible shot but when it comes to personal stuff I just want to enjoy more than photograph. I did take some shots though of course, no real editing just cropped and converted to b/w. I didn't even size them to the same size,oops.

Now most of you won't recognize the tattoo (maybe Pat and your husband will Heather). But its a Star Trek symbol from their mirror universe, he wanted to get something Star Trek w/out being so obviously dorky.

The obligatory (ok not obligatory but I just wanted to use it) fisheye shot of the shop:

Getting the stencil on:

Andy at work:


My favorite shot, I love this shot!

And the finished product:


Now I want to go get another one!!! Cause you know nine just isn't enough.
If you are in Cinci and want an awesome tattoo I highly suggest Andy at Flying Tiger. linkage here:

Flying Tiger Tattoo

He also did my last tattoo for me almost a year ago pictured here:

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