Thursday, May 31, 2007

POTD- Music

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This isn't so much about my ipod, ,more like music in general. It's probably pretty apparent that I love music since my song changes on here everyday. It makes me happy :) And sad when I want to be, if that makes sense. There are so many songs that are just perfect for enhancing moods. I need it when I work out, clean, drive, during downtime at work- it motivates me. I listen to everything, though I am partial to 80's music. And I love guilty pleasure songs...ones that when I put on people are like "why do you have this song" and two seconds later they are singing along. Examples- New Kids on the Block, Right Said Fred, Roxette, Morris Day, Apache Indian(the song playing "Boom Shak a Lak" any Dumb and Dumber Fans?) One of my favorite things to do is on a nice day just go driving with my window down and my music up.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

POTD- I am deep and shallow ;)

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While money isn't the most important thing in my life I certainly couldn't live without it. I enjoy having it no matter how brief -it is known that I have a serious shoping addiction. Every payday I will be found at the mall without fail. Is that bad? I am the type of person that has to have a new outfit if I am going out, even if it is just to the movies. This getting more into photography thing is going to hinder my clothes fund...hmm I might have to think about this ;)

I forgot I had my camera open wide when I took this pic so the money is blurred further back. I corrected for other shots but ended up liking this better. *Bonus* My music matches my blog- I rock!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

POTD- My Boy

Now I couldn't live without either of my children or my DH but it all started with this guy so this is to him. This is my son Blaze. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My firstborn and my first love. While I was pregnant people would tell me half jokingly, "Say goodbye to your life." I didn't realize I hadn't even take my first breath till I saw this boy's precious face. As soon he was born I realized my life was no longer mine. I wasn't living for myself anymore, I was living for him. Before having children you hear a lot about the negatives...the sleepless nights,the crying, spit up, but it is all the positives that slip through the cracks. Maybe it is because it is hard to find the words to describe. I wasn't prepared for the amount of love I could feel so intensely in an instant. I didn't know how amazing those first smiles and laughs would make me I had accomplished something to make my baby so happy. How I could be having the worst day over trivial things and just him climbing in my lap can put life back into order. I knew as a parent I would have to teach him things, but I never knew how much I would learn from him as well. He humbles me. When I talk to Keaton now and call him baby Blaze pipes up, "Well I will always be your first baby mom" Yes you will, and I thank you for that.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

An Introduction

My name is Bobbi and I am 26 years old. I have two amazing boys and the best husband anyone could imagine. My life is so complete right now thanks to my lovely husband James. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And yes that is what happens when I ask him to let me take a picture of him. There are so many reasons I love him but I wont mention them all. It would take years because there is a new one everyday. I will mention a few. I love how he makes me laugh everyday without fail. I love that I have 100% security with him and I know it will be forever. Even though I act like it annoys me sometimes, I love that he has to help everybody in need...there are so many days when he is home late from work cause he had to help an old lady push her car. Most of all I love that he is an amazing father.

He came into my life and assumed the role of a father to my son Blaze and is the only father he has known (long story but I feel everything happens the way it's supposed to). I have thanked him for this to which he said it is a privlege to just to be around Blaze. When I hear my son say, "Daddy you are my best friend forever" on a daily basis I know that he was meant to be in his life. To watch the two of them together is amazing.
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We have recently had a baby boy Keaton. I can't wait to see their bond grow as well.
Here are a couple of recent pics I have taken of Blaze and Keaton:
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And here are a couple of pictures from my wedding last year cause I hate my picture being taken so it is rare you will see any :) (Wedding pictures taken by Stephanie Carson)
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About Me

I am a 27 year old wife, friend, and mother. I am a take it one day at a time kinda gal. I love to have fun and capture memories. I believe that a positive attitude makes a postive life so have a great day and enjoy my blog :) Thank you for looking and taking an interest.


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