Thursday, June 28, 2007


This is my niece. Her name is Kaitlyn but my son started calling her Kiki. We are the only ones that do it, but we like it. This was a lot of fun getting pratice on her. I love the red hair and freckles, adorable. Maybe that's only cause everyone says she looks a lot like me when I was young and how could that not be adorable ;) I posted these in my gallery and got some great cc so I did some recrops, what do you think?
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Toy photo shoot anyone?

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OK so this is probably why my husband tolerates my photography hobby so much. He collects toys...well action figures- he would quickly correct me on that. He has more then you could imagine. I mean seriously...40 year old Virgin times 10 if you have ever seen the movie. He has two rooms in the basement filled with shelves of everything you can imagine- Star Wars, Super Heroes, Transformers, Indiana Jones..the list goes on. Someday I will take pictures of that when I get the chance. This one is his HellBoy and he had me set up a photo shoot for him. I actually think it is kinda cool the way it turned out and it was nice to have a different subject. TFL

Friday, June 15, 2007

How did I do?

Ok So I have never shot anyone except for family before. Yesterday I talked my friends into letting me take their pics. Not that it took much convincing cause they are awesome like that. I was kinda nervous though. By the time I got home it was late so I just opened the first 10 and picked one of each to work on. So how did I do-the good and the bad (I know I cut off hands in these two, I hope I didn't in all of them). What do I need to work on. I'm thinking maybe I need a tighter crop on the 2nd one? I can't wait to go through the rest.
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oops I did it again.

Another tat. Did I mention that I loved fire and flames?. My mom hates this tattoo cause she thinks people will misinterperet it, but I know my beliefs. I just think the design is fun. This one represents my wild side...well when I had one before my kids (R.I.P) Actually I don't miss that at all. If you would have told me five years ago when I got this tattoo that I would be settled down with kids and married by now I would never have believed it. Crazy how much life can change in a relatively short time. And I couldn't be happier. Not the best pic cause I had to take it in the mirror. I like the way the urban acid looks on the flames.
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What the Heck?

This is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen on Youtube....and I love it. Seriously I cannot stop watching this. It gets stuck in my head and people look at me like I am a weirdo. Lol at least my friends understand since I have made everyone I know watch this. It is so random my first reaction was "what the heck" and then I watched it again...and again...Pause my music and take a look/listen.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Love This Kid

I forgot how awesome babies were since my oldest is almost five. This little guy melts my heart. I love that he smiles at everyone and then looks away like he can't take the happiness, he is a little flirt already. And having a baby fall asleep in your arms has to be the best feeling in the world. I put this song (Let Them Be Little) on a slide show with my kids pictures and it just makes me cry every time, if you have kids it is a must listen. I can't believe how big he is already in just 4 1/2 months..why do they have to grow up so fast :(
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and a b/w copy
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My Hobbit

No pics of fire...though I could really milk my sons name being Blaze all week, hmmm. I am trying to work on my composition. I seem to center pics with a lot of space around them more then I should. I know these pics aren't the greatest, it was pretty sunny out but please give me some cc on comp. I also played with the orton thechnique on the first one cause I thought it fit as my son was singing, "That's what Bilbo Baggins hates". He loves the hobbit. TFL
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Sunday, June 10, 2007


OK- I love this theme...obviously permanently ;) My DH said I should post my tattoos as my habit but I don't feel I have enough for it to qualify. I knew this would work better for the fire theme anyway. I think I went through a stage when I was younger but haven't got one in a while...though will be getting my latest son on my other foot. I didn't name my son after fire in any way I just had never heard the name before and I saw Blaise somewhere and decided to toughen it up. Just so happens to make a perfect what am I going to do for the name Keaton...
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Can you tell I also love the brick wall in my house?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

POTD- Fast Food

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This is my worst habit and the one I want to break the most. I eat out a lot, mostly at work. It is just so easy on my lunch break. I feel like I have to get out of the office just to get some sun so I end up going for food. Luckily I have good genes so it doesn't affect my body but I just feel better when I eat better. I used to be so good at eating healthy. I was a vegetarian for seven years and then when I became pregnant I started craving burgers, whoppers specifically (which I hate now, go figure.) I think this particular place is a Cincinnati only chain-love it. I think I should go pack myself a lunch for tomorrow :)

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