Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Blaze!

Ok so I realize your birthday was July 14th...and that it's really almost time for your next birthday. I'm sorry! Mother of the year award I will not win. But I did get your presents on your birthday, and a cake, and showered you with love. I also actually took these pictures around your birthday, just never got to blogging them. I can just see in the future this being something kids complain about, "My mom didn't even blog about me on my birthday!" The shame.

I love you more than anything. You are the funniest (and I mean real funny, not kid funny) boy I have ever met. You also love God which makes me so happy. You were so excited when you said a prayer with Keaton and talked about how happy you were you saved him. Things like that warm my heart. You also told me that God told you it was your calling to be a preacher. I love this page from your journal at school (the "I think" is part of a new sentence).

You are also still a completely ornery boy sometimes who loves to test his boundaries. I get that, I just hope you grow out of it soon.

I love you and hope you keep on being yourself because you are awesome.

That shirt describes you pretty well ;)

Thanks for being such a cool kid. And I promise to try and have a more timely birthday post this year!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I'm not even gonna apolagize for my serious lack of blogging. Why? Cause I have this amazing Cinco de Mayo picture (ok well amazing to me in context not picture quality that is)

Sometimes you just have your lights set up for product and you see a fake beard (doesn't every home have one of these?), your son, an old bummy hat, and someone suggests "Hey why not get a jar of mayonnaise in that picture!" That person is my genius husband. That results in this:

That's just how we roll in this house.

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