Monday, January 17, 2011

And the award for most photogenic goes to...

Keaton?? I demand a recount.

At work I have this picture below as my screen saver.

Adorable right? My friend commented on how cute Keats was( no argument there) and how he was the perfect age for pictures, probably so cooperative. Now I could have said "Yes, he is such an angel" and anyone would believe it looking at the above picture. Instead I just laughed and laughed.

The truth is, Keaton is so hard to get a good picture of. Reason is-he is a comedic little ham.

I present to you exhibit A. (A disclaimer to the jury- these are all onboard flash snapshots, yet they best represent what I am about to show you)

This is a typical 15 minutes of Keaton. Notice how he is all over the place. Spinning in circles, making mean face, uninterested face, getting in your face face. I could go on.

But perhaps the best example of what I mean is "The Klingon Face"

Yes this is the same little boy as the first picture. How he twists his face like that, I have no idea.

The resemblance is uncanny.

So while I think my little boy is the cutest in the world, (I really, really do! He is super handsome)I would like it know that I work hard for adorable pictures. I rest my case.

Oh and for the record, I absolutely love every shot above. They crack me up just as much as he does.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Thirty..

Nice try, but I rock. I turned thirty last Friday and I remember when that just sounded so old. All the way up to last Thursday...then I decided it wasn't so old after all. Just in the nick of time.

Truth be told I actually think I like being thirty. Perhaps this novelty will wear off (I am quite sure at some point it will.) I really love my life though so that helps. Do I have everything I ever wanted by this age? Nope. Thank goodness because what fun would that be, I need things to work towards. I have an amazing husband and two beautiful boys who are my world. So while I don't have everything I would ever want, (still waiting to win the lottery)I do have everything I would ever need -Love.

Just to prove I don't feel or act my age here is something I still find hilarious.

Have you seen the ads for the baby snuggies? They are creepy. You know what isn't creepy? The Bobbisnuggie! Just ask my friend and satisfied customer Heather.

*no Heathers were harmed in the making of the Bobbisnuggie*

I also find this video hilarious (as in can't stop watching) These guys take news stories and make songs out of them. Auto-Tune the news is is this lady in the video.

With maturity like this I will be forever young!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh Blog...and a couple of "favorite things" oversights

2010 was not the best blogging year for me (or shooting year if I am being honest). I was just so unmotivated and in reflection it is sad to me. I'm not about setting unrealistic goals so there is no way I am going to say I will blog everyday or every week this year. I am however resolved to "blog more" Keeping it vague and obtainable.

Not only just blog more but shoot more, and more snapshots at that. I think I got stuck in a rut of picture perfect last year and I am going to be all about lifestyle this year and doing more things for me (like macros!), so hopefully a lot more personal stuff this year.

That being said I do have things from last year too that I just didn't even get a chance to blog so there will be some catch-up posts from time to time too (including my 8 year olds bday pics from July, horrible right??)

To start off I have to do a couple of oversights from my favorite things post a couple of posts down.

Cringer! I cannot believe I have never blogged about our cat before. We got her about nine months ago and she is perfect. I had wanted a kitten but Blaze insisted we get an older cat because "Everyone adopts kittens and its not fair to older cats to not get a home" He's kind of amazing, that kid. I'm pretty sure she was made for us because James was dead set on getting an orange tabby and naming it Cringer from He-Man. When we walked in there was a sign on her cage that said, "I know my name, Ginger" She has made the transition to Cringer just fine.

Vests. Ok, I am a little bit obsessed with vests. Possibly to the degree of unhealthy. I just love how cute they are! There are a couple missing here. I had just bought a new one a few weeks ago and a wise person said to me, "Nine vests! That's just crazy. You have a problem and admitting it is the first step." So I returned that one and am fully sane still. No Vests Anonymous for me!

Starbucks, oh Starbucks. You were fully one of my favorite things in 2010 but I plan on changing this. Last week I added up my Starbucks charges to my bank for the past 2 months and it was $130. $130!!! That is $780 a year. That's just dumb. So I will probably never be able to cut SB (we are on an initial basis) out completely, but I am set on a max of one a month.

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