Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Arte Y Pico

Let me first say that I appreciate everyone who reads my blog and leaves me such beautiful comments. You really keep me shooting so I thank you for that.

But the rules of this award were to pick five blogs and it kills me to narrow it down cause I love everyone's work so much for different reasons.

Here goes in no particular order as they say on America's Funniest Videos:

1. Jess- Jess is just my girl. I love everything about her. She is kind, incredibly funny, and so like me-and how could I not like someone as awesome as me ;) Aside from that she is an amazing photographer, has the cutest kids, and never hesitates to share her wealth of knowledge. She has taught me more than she probably knows and is one of the reasons I came out of lurkdom. plus she a barbie girl, in a barbie world..it's back in your head isn't it?

2. Amanda- Amanda just amazes me, pure and simple. Her pictures always immediately draw me in and speak to me. They tell a story, often deep-sometimes playful, but a story none the less. They speak without saying a word and on top of that she adds the most poetic quotes. She is an artist.

3. Heather- Heather has a style that I just love. She can take an everyday event and turn it to a portrait. I love how she captures the simplest of moments that most people wouldn't think twice about. She captures those moments in a photograph to remind us just how fleeting and special they are.

4.Jenn- Jenn just rocks! I love her style, her color, her b/w's, the way she makes the eyes in her photographs just pop. Not to mention that I smile every time I see her blog banner.

5..Sheye- I just have to say that this blog humbles me. Her story is so sad and brings me to tears. Her strength though amazes and inspires me. I could never imagine going through what she did and if I would be able to pull myself together. Her photography has a distinct style that is just amazing.

If any of you feel like passing the love to other blog faves feel free but not pressured ;)


Jess said...

Ahhh! Crap! It IS back in my head now! ROFL! :p

Seriously... thank you. Not just for this, but for making me smile on a daily basis! I love you girl! :)

Anonymous said...

we should have dinner together some time!! lmao...and the fact that there is only the smallest, and I do mean smallest bite missing from the cookie..is the only thing that is quizzical to me. lol I guess we can refrain from anything to get the shot we want, right?

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