Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love is asking to be loved

Love is real, real is love,
Love is feeling, feeling love,
Love is wanting to be loved.
Love is touch, touch is love,
Love is reaching, reaching love,
Love is asking to be loved.
Love is you,
You and me,
Love is knowing,
We can be.
Love is free, free is love,
Love is living, living love,
Love is needing to be loved.

~John Lennon

I blame (or actually give credit to) the amazing Jenn for my recent obsession with TTV, I just love the way it looks.

It doesn't work with every picture though, couldn't get it to look right for this one though I do like the noise a bit.

I love this song.


Jess said...

OH MY HECK GIRL! These are AMAZING. You totally ROCK weddings... man I wish we lived closer together so we could do them together! I am doing another one on Saturday and I swear I just get more nervous the more weddings I do! It's craziness.

Amy said...

WOW...that flower shot is just incredible. They're all great!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! I love every single one of them!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous!

Becky said...

The TTV look is unexpected on wedding photos--pretty cool!

Lori said...

I LOVE the rose shot! I'm obsessing over TTV too! Looks great on these!

Shanna Jones said...

Very cool. Great job. :)

Mandy said...

These are totally amazing Bobbi. Holy smokes. If these were my wedding photos I would be bouncing up in down with excitement. Beautiful.


Angela2932 said...

Wow! I love those top two! Your photos are amazing!

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