Sunday, August 31, 2008

Maybe someday in the future. Blaze loves to take pictures and is always asking me if he can start his own blog. I really think I am going to get him a nice point and shoot for Christmas and let him do that.

Anyways he was taking some pictures of me the other night and he cracks me up. He said, "Don't forget my white balance mom, oh wait I don't need white balance I have been practicing." And he also told me I had to bring bubbles cause he had an idea in his head. So I just put the camera in AV and let him go to town. He kept telling me to go here and lay there, it really was funny.

I had no intentions of posting them on my blog (considering I was sweating in the heat and my hair looked all crappy) and do so under protest but he asked me if I would. So please disregard how I look.


Ugh did I mention I hate being in front of the cameras-hate it! Not is a conceited way but I am so much cuter in person lol.

But I do love this one. He said, "Sorry I cut your head off mom" and I told him that is why I loved it. I did crop it a little bit cause he a tiny bit of chin in there but it's pretty much an in camera crop. I love the bubbles sitting in the background.


~Jenn H~ said...

Oh, wonderful-now even your son can get better sunflare than I can. :P

Tell him these are awesome-and tell yourself you're gorgeous in these.

Sharon said...

Well done Blaze!

And I think you are pretty cute in pics Bobbi.

Becky said...

Good job, Blaze! I think you're wicked cute, and I'm not just saying that. :-)

Reds said...

Good job Blaze - awesome shots of mom!!!

--sme said...

He's got a really good eye for composition! Nice!

KRISTIE said...

your ds and my dd have the same style of lower body shots! it always cracks me up.

Angelica said...

WOW!!! I would say you have a future photographer on your hands definitly!

Awesome job Blaze!!

And you're gorgeous! Don't be afraid to get in front of the camera!

Stacey said...

What awesome shots. Good job Blaze. I love them all and you are just beautiful. Love the first and last one. Nice tattoo.

Keva said...

How cute, he wants to be like his momma. He did great. LOVE the first one.

Joanne Fowler said...

You are so cute! And he did a fabulous job! WOW! I love the first one, great perspective and the last one is so fun too!!

Unknown said...

Tell him I said, Great job, Goober!

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