Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boys, Boys, Boys

Picture overload warning!

So my husbands side of the family has no girls...0. All boys, which I think is so much fun. There are my two boys and his sister has 3 with one on the way(October-just around the corner!) That's six boys people...I have a theory that if I have another child it will be a girl but I am not about to put that theory to test...anytime too soon.

It's been almost a year since I took their pictures so we figured it was about time.

I am not usually too into vintage but this picture had a slight vintage feel to it to me so I lowered the saturation a little.


The twins just got their glasses too- love them! (sorry about the two versions here but you all know how I am when it comes to decisions)



And Jack is of course always adorable.




And my favorite-Love this picture..like love, love!


Anonymous said...

Oh these are great! They are adorable!

♥ Amy said...

These are all terrific, Bobbi! You did great with them. I LOVE that first one and last one, especially.

Reds said...

What cute boys!! And I do love that last one too!!

Becky said...

These are all so great, Bobbi! I know a couple of families that only seem to have boys too.

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely gorgeous shots! I love the firstone.. WoW!

Jeannie P. said...

these are all great pictures. man where are you located girl. I might have a family you can do pictures for.

Hugs ~ Jeannie

Sharon said...

Wonderful captures! I really like that last one too.

Emily Weaver Brown said...

Oh these are all very good but #3 (in color) and the last are by far my favorites.

--sme said...

These are great!!! They look like they get along so well, too!

Diana said...

Love Love Love them all!

Ginnie said...

How cute are those boys?! love the second shot.

KRISTIE said...

these are fab. i love the last one, great pping

Margaret said...

These are wonderful! Handsome boys. Love the vintage look on that first one, and that last one is fabulous, too! It's funny how some families seem to have all boys or all girls. Our neighbors across the street have four little girls, but the mom is expecting and guess what? BOY! The dad is excited, as you can probably guess! :)

Amy said...

Fantastic! I really like the first and last ones. Nice job!

Jess said...

These are AWESOME girl! Our family is kinda like that. It was ALL BOYS (extended family included) until princess K was born. And now we have another little girlie, my sister's dd Mallory (who is 2). But yeah... 2 girls and 14 boys? Something's outta whack here, LOL!

So... when ARE you gonna test that theory?

Angela2932 said...

These are beautiful! I love your processing on these, and agree with your favorite. I also really, really like the way you lowered the saturation a bit to create a vintage feel. These are extremely handsome guys :)

Joanne Fowler said...

These are so great! I love the conversions but I really just love how adorable these boys are! I love boys! (I have two!) You did a fab job with them!

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

**insert waving hand franticly** I have tested that theroy. Remember me 6 boys before the 1 girl.
These shots are so cute.

Amy said...

These are fabulous! My favorites are the first and last! :)

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