Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gods Lights are Always on

Six is such a tough age to least for little boys. Or maybe it's because it is studio style. You can't really be too discreet and have them act natural like you can outdoors. Especially when they have to sit in a certain place for the background and lights. I think that might be my biggest struggle with studio stuff, making it fun for me. And I think I put less effort into it cause I don't enjoy it as much yet. Hopefully it's because I am still learning and someday it will be second nature. Either way I cannot wait for spring and to get outdoors. Sorry for that stream of conciense there.

Blaze is such a non-smiler for the camera these days (another reason I like outside better, it isn't so obvious I am taking his picture) Don't be fooled by the pictures though, this kid is a crack-up.

My two latest Blaze quotes.

Me: What sounds good for dinner?
Blaze: I dunno
Me: I want a really good hamburger.
Blaze: Yeah! Too bad we don't have the amazing slider machine. The burgers will be done in just two minutes, and you can double or triple stack them!

Gotta love infomercials, he also told me that the Snuggie won't slip and slide like regular blankets. That's my boy.

Our neighborhood electric was out last week too and he informed me that, "God's lights are always on for everyone". That is also my boy.

Aren't his eyes almost a perfect match for this Chestnut paper?



I gotta tiny smile out of the little guy.


Kristi said...

The third one melts my heart! He is such a handsome 6 yr old :)

pat said...

I LOVE the things he comes up with. For such a young one, he is a deep thinker. His eyes do look fab with that background color.

Sharon said...

You know, have I seen you smile or is it just a smirk? ;)

Mom2Drew said...

That chesnut color looks amazing with his eyes, wow!

Cathi Green said...

You're right about the chestnut paper. He's a real cutie, I love that last one!

Meaghan said...

He's so cute! It's amazing what they retain from TV.

Lou said...

Have I mentioned how adorable I think your boys are???

Steph said...

Awww, so handsome and love the stories.

Linnao said...

so true that his eyes look amazing with the background! Cute boy!

Reds said...

What's not to love - he is one cutie - such beautiful eyes and smile!

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

God lights are always on what a sweet boy. I like the little smile you got out of him.

Anonymous said...

That color IS great with his eyes! I love the comments he makes, my kids used to quote infomercials, too.

Amy said...

He is so sweet and I just love his comments. :) His eyes are a perfect match to the paper too.

p.s. I didn't add any texture to the tractor bits, I don't know how! LOL!

shirley said...

What beautiful eyes - you are right, the chestnut paper is perfect for them. My kids now cover their faces when I bring the camera up, so I think you are lucky he still looks into the camera!

Jess said...

Blazey, Blazey, Blazey... Oh, how I love that child! I swear he and my Austin are the same person, the way you describe him. Wise beyond their years for sure.

And FWIW, I think you ROCK the studio lighting! ;)

Anonymous said...

i see so much of you in him when he smiles! great shots! cant wait for my stand and chestnut to show up! Love the quotes too. Todd sometimes puts his robe on backwards and says 'see my snugli' (or whatever its called) its a running joke in this house!

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