Friday, February 22, 2008

Ta da!

Sorry no pictures today...cause I have been working on my website :) But I would love for you to check it out if you have the time. This is kind of a big step and makes me a little nervous putting it all out there but I am ready to jump in so here goes. I haven't put any searchable tags in in yet so I am thinking it will just be passed around by my word of mouth so I can start out kinda slow.

My Website!!

I know there are a few things I need to fix still (putting my slideshow on a loop) and I plan on doing that this morning. I am so excited!

Ok I lied I can't do a post w/out pictures lol. Here are the business cards I made too w/ Renee's template (thanks Heather for telling me about it and thanks Renee for being awesome) I had to rework it a couple times to make it work for me and on my last version I noticed I forgot to put my email address and such...after I had them printed. C'est la vie.




Mom2Drew said...

Your cards look terrific!! Thank YOU for explaining things so well...I was working on mine last night;) Website is looking good and yes, it's constantly a work in progress, mine changes daily just about. You're well on your way.

Jodi said...

I think everything looks great! love the pictures on your cards. I would tweak the text a little bit though - the part below your logo, so it doesn't go quite so wide and feel like it's running into the dots, you know?
Love the website!

Mandy said...

Oh my word! I just LOVE your new website. You are so amazing Bobbi...I don't think I can say it enough. Truly an inspiration...all of the photos on your site are out of this world! Can I put your site on my blogs?

Anonymous said...

Those cards are awesome. I love that they have a back. Can I ask where you got them printed??? Love the website also. I plan on going back to look some more!

pakosta said...

gorgeous business card!!!! i will check your website out!

pakosta said...

wow!!! i just checked out your website it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! tara

Liz said...

Love your business card! Those colors are great and will really stand out to people.

Becky said...

The business cards look great. I think you are going to do great! Off to check out your website now.

Debbi said...

These cards are wonderful!

Amy said...

Wow, those business cards are awesome! I love the colors, design, and photos!

Unknown said...

Bobbi, I went over to your website and checked it out. It looks fabulous. I can tell you have really worked hard on it. My dh and I are in the process of doing mine as we speak. It will not be ready for another month or so. Love those cards as well.. Good luck with your photography. You are very talented, and it shows in your work. tfs. hugs, Toni

jewels said...


That first photo on your site is so fun!

I took a quick look around, and liked what I saw! I'll go back and read carefully, and let you know if I come up with any suggestion!

Congratulations!!! :)


Tera Fraley said...

Cute cards, love the colors!! I like the website, I couldnt get all the pics up but that could be cause Im at work. Did you add a photo of yourself in about Me?

April said...

those cards look great and your website looks fantastic!

Suzy said...

I think they look fantastic! Very nice cards!!

amazing grace said...

woohooo!!! very fun! so happy for you-it looks great!

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