Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Do You See?

Sorry to post the same subject two days in a row but these were too much fun.

Yesterday was all about the pretty simple swirls and today these are when I started seeing things (or inhaled too much incense smoke lol). I posted some of these on facebook and I really love how everyone sees something different.

I really see a dude on horse here but James sees nothing. Am I the only one..it's ok if I am crazy.

A dancer perhaps with her arms outstretched?

This is when I really started playing with the symmetry of the smoke.

Lungs? Kissing fish? A bra?

Blaze saw the butterfly on the outs while I concentrated on an ant outline in the middle.

I loved how playing with the symmetry of it could totally change the whole thing.

You know I can't figure this one out I just like it. From my facebook I got and eagle or hands raising to the heavens. I'll go with those.

Pretty sure this could only be an X.

A heart...until on facebook Jess said mushrooms and I totally see that now!

When I inverted it though it the only thing I could see was a mask/face..I see a lot of faces.

I saw something like seahorses with wings..or maybe Pegasuses? Is that the right plural for Pegasus..oh wait those aren't real?? ;)


Sharon said...

Rorchak? These are so cool! And I did read recently that incense is not good for your lungs. ;)

Lauren Hartman said...

Beyond cool, REALLY! I am so going to try this when I have some spare time one rainy day! Love the bra/kissing fish one the best. I think it's a bra ;)

Diana said...

these are way to cool! and i do see the man on the horse

pat said...

Bobbi, these are really awesome. I love it that you did the mirror image with these--just rocked it!! Love the last one with the Pegasi (now would that be the plural of Pegasus--like cacti for cactus? I digress) These are just sooooooooo COOL!!!

Margaret said...

Again....these are just totally amazing! Wow. I love the mirror images! And I totally can see the things you mentioned, especially the guy on the horse.

The Au Family said...

These are amazing!

Tracie said...

These are way too cool Bobbi!!!

Reds said...

Love love love these! So cool... or hot!! ;)

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