Monday, September 14, 2009


Where do all
the secrets live?
they travel in the air
you can smell them
when they burn
they travel

Those who say
the past is not dead, can
stop and smell the smoke
you keep saying
the past is not dead, well,
stop and smell the smoke
you keep on saying
the past is not even past, and
you keep saying

We are...

-Ben Folds Five

I had a burst of creativity and energy (how rare lately) and took some pictures of incense smoke. I have been wanting to try this for awhile. It's tricky but so addicting. I see some things I can improve on for sure.

It's calming to actually just watch the smoke burn and then to start seeing the shapes inside of the smoke. In some of them there were very distinct shapes and I started seeing kind of trippy but very cool. These were some of the more pretty and normal looking ones. Tomorrow I will try to share some of the more fun things.

My fave is the last flamey one!


Margaret said...

Holy smokes! (Sorry....terrible pun, I know!) Seriously these are so amazing. I am more impressed with you than ever!

Esther said...

Seriously!!?? These are awesome Bobbie! You must tell us how to do this..because of course we all will want to try this too! :)

Julie said...

WOOWZERS!!!! Amazing work!

pat said...

Bobbi, these are seriously cool! Love, love these. Lots of late 60s, early 70s trippy vibes going on with these shots. Settings? Are these the actual smoke colors from the incense? AWESOME SHOTS!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Normally I would say Holy Smokes without pun. But...
amazing shots! I so love that first one. looks like a leave curling. Oh something to add to my list.

Nicki said...

Very very creative and neat.

shirley said...

Wow - very impressive (my jaw is open, dropped to the ground). Love all of them!

The Au Family said...

WOW! Very impressive.

Unknown said...

Wow!! I have **never** used this word in regards to a photograph before but this is brilliant!! I saw the DPS post on this the other day but you nailed it!!

bprincephoto said...

Love these! I did this a few years ago and forgot how much fun it was. Now you've got me wanting to try again. These are amazing.

Suzy said...

When you started seeing faces, I think you must have inhaled to much lol.. Just kidding these are fabulous, and I can see things in there to! Great shots!!

Diana said...

these are AMAZING!

Lauren Hartman said...

Holy smokes (pun not intended) these are incredible! Each one is a work of fine art, seriously! I am dying to know how you did this, would you possibly post a tutorial, or a link to one?

Mandy said...

Wow Bobbi...these are so amazing. Pure art. I love the different colors. How did you do that!? I think we are totally music twins. . . every song,band you post about I just love.

Reds said...

Wow - gorgeous captures! Love all the different colors of these!

tori said...

Oh. my. word. These are freakin' awesome! I love each and every one of them.... so cool! Please share how you did this... please? :)

Krystle said...

OMWow. These were not at all what I expected. Crazy awesome job!!!

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