Monday, June 8, 2009

My Favorite Redhead

Besides myself of course ;) While at my mom's I snapped this picture of Kiki real quick. I love her freckles, reminds me so much of myself as a kid.

Since it was just a quick picture I didn't do a custom white balance though..I fixed it up a bit in ps but there is also this quick solution ;)

Speaking of awesome redheads what do you think of this cut/color? I have an appointment Saturday and want a change.

I also like this cut...and about 20 more. Decisions, decisions.


Mandy said...

I just love head heads with freckles. I have actually been thinking of doing a model search for some. Would that be an okay thing to do? She is stunning, and I love the first one.

For the hair. I think it ROCKS, and its so you. I totally could not get away with it, but I would love to try. :)

Sharon said...

She is a beauty!

Becky said...

Bobbi, I haven't visited in ages! Thank you sooo much for your kind words when my dad was ill. He is doing better and we've been Skyping since I got home. Congrats to Keaton on using the potty! I loved catching up on all your beautiful photos. This cute little redhead reminds me of Jess's Kaitlyn.

Chell said...

Aww I love her little freckles so cute!!

I like the first picture better for hair, the second is borderign on the reverse mullet thing Kate has from john and kate plus 8

Erika said...

What a beautiful girl! I love your B&W conversion. Oh, and I think you should go for the second hair style :)

Reds said...

Love redheads!! ;) - She is a cutie - love the colored one best - love the freckles!! ;) As for the hair - love both! Can't wait to see the new you!

Jess said...

Aww, I just love Kiki! I want to steal her! I think she would go nicely with the other redheads in my house... haha. ;) Those haircuts ROCK... I know you could totally pull off either one! I would just look like a little boy. I know. I've tried. ;P

shirley said...

I love Kiki's freckles! And her hair - such a great color. The haircuts are so much fun! We'll want to see pictures when you decide.

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