Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Togetherness Faves

Ok this is the last of my family favorites...I think :) I really need to make a book of my year.

My first good picture of my two together!

I adore this picture of Blaze taking a picture of Keats-adore it!

Graduation Day:


Chalky Time- Notice Blaze's little hand coloring Keaton and not the ground:

Just my hubby but I love it!

Summer Lounging:

Not so sure where that other shoe went:


My little nerd family:

Just so my hubby can't say there isnt one of me on here-my fave picture of myself taken by said hubby:

Gotta throw in a picture of the purchased beard lol:

And my favorite shot of my boys to date:


Reds said...

Love love love those too!! You've got the most beautiful family!!

Anita said...

I've enjoyed looking at all your favs. I just adore the one of your hubby and your little one!

Becky said...

Yay, the Star Trek one again!! Man, I loved those photos. I love all of these actually. You are one good-looking family!
Happy New Year!

pat said...

Oh man, what a great selection of photos! I love all of them, Bobbi. So glad you included the Trekkies.

Rachael said...

These are all awesome Bobbi! I love the one of your husband and boys, love the one of you, love them all!

Sharon said...

These are great too. Yes, a book is definitely required!

Mom2Drew said...

awe...more terrific shots of your boys, love it!

Krista P said...

Oh gosh - I love them all!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, how could you pick? They're all so great...I especially love that first one of your three guys together, and the one of "Summer Lounging." Really nice shots!

Melissa said...

I remember quite a few of these but not the summer lounging - love that one!

Michelle said...

These are awesome! You should definitely make a book for all to enjoy.

Lauren Hartman said...

These are so great, and yes, you definitely should make a book! I think my favorite of the bunch is the one where your oldest is taking a picture of your youngest. How cute is that that he just sits still and poses for him?!?

Linnao said...

I looooove these pictures! Your little guys are so cute! You should defenately make a book with all your favorites! Oh, and love your hair :-) (can't believe the girly comment!)

Angela2932 said...

This has been so much fun, revisiting these photos with you! I remember most of them, and am reminded again of what a wonderful and talented photographer you are! Do the book!!!!!

Chell said...

Oh I can see why these are your faves. What a fun post!!

Amy said...

Wow, there is no way I could choose a favorite out of those, they're all outstanding!!! Happy New Year! :)

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