Monday, December 22, 2008

This kid rocks my face off

Two things that really made me so proud that Blaze is my son yesterday.

#1- Blaze wakes up yesterday morning and walks into our room. He taps me on the shoulder. "Mom I have just been rocking in my bed all morning!" Me: "What does that mean?" Blaze, singing:" Never gonna give you up, never gonna make you cry" Rick Astley reference!

#2- We went over to my moms house and she let him open a gift early. It was a childrens bible. He was so excited by this. He told everyone to gather around while he "Read the word of God". He started to read the story of the tower of Babel where a tower was being built by the people so everyone would know how great they were. My mom asked Blaze halfway through why God would be upset by this and he said, "Cause they weren't thinking of God anymore and praising him they were only thinking of themselves and God is the greatest."

The year is almost over so I am going to start posting some of my favorite pictures throughout the year. WIth this post I will start with some of Blazes.

Normal goofball behavior:

Looking way too old for his age:

Playing in the snow:

So innocent:

Lost his first teeth (2 at once)

A boy and his Bobba:

He smiles!


A glimpse into the future:

Just turned six :(

Total Blaziness:

My little Kirk:

Crazy Boy:

My favorite shot of Blaze of the year-Even Superheroes have moms:

P.S- Happy bday to my moms-best mom in the world!


Rachael said...

Bobbi, these are all amazing! Your portraits are always so beautiful and he is such a handsome subject. I love the story about his new Bible and the "even superheros have moms" picture cracks me up!

Sharon said...

Such wonderful captures!

Jackie's Shot said...

What wonderful photos of the year. ~Jackie

pat said...

I love this look at Blaze over the year. He is such a cute boy. And Bobbi, how wonderful that he knows and loves the scriptures--he is evidently being taught well.

Becky said...

Blaze is amazing, and so are you!
Two thumbs up on the Rick Astley and the Bible stories!! Happy Birthday to your mom.

Suzy said...

awwww how sweet that you have a lil bible-reading rocker! What a cutie! Great captures to!

PierKiss said...

Oh my gosh-your kiddo is a serious cutie pie! Love your photos of him!!

Margaret said...

These are just fabulous. Love what he said about the scriptures! He's got tremendous insight!

Michelle said...

These are all so good. I can see why you picked them all! He is such a handsome little guy. And I have to say--the last one is just too sweet. If he were mine that would be huge and on my wall.

Reds said...

I can understand why they are your favorites! Wow! And I absolutely love that last one!! :)

Christina said...

Oh I love these! Can I get copies of them? I'd love to do a little scrapbook of Blaze and Keats for my mom...

Lori said...

Oh My Gosh, these are GORGEOUS! My favorite - if I had to choose - is the cap and gown shot.....

Amy said...

What a sweetie Blaze is, just love the Bible story! All of those shots of him are amazing! :)

Lou said...

I love how you summed up the year in pictures. And the 'superheroes have moms' shot is just the greatest!

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