Saturday, November 29, 2008

When Boredom Strikes...

I don't know why by I was insanely bored today. I was working on getting some pictures done but needed a break. I knew if I left the computer though it would be so hard coming back.

So what was I to do?? I found a really crappy picture of me with a bad crop(chin chop-it's really hard to do a self portrait with a 50!) and just started playing with it. I don't know it amused me for like 5 minutes.

Here are the results,ready for some extreme close-ups.

Little closer crop in color:

The eyes have it, note the reflection of my outstretched arms here, self portrait style:


And the other side of my face, just cause I love my nose piercing:

I used to hate my freckles which you can see here, but they have grown on me.
I hope your day was more productive then mine. I always forget how sharp that 50 is! I really need to use it more.


Melissa said...

great catchlights! I was a freckle hater when I was young but now I don't even notice them 1/2 the time

Jess said...

What up G?

These are so fab- I love your creative crops, sounds way more fun than proofing, LOL! I need to pull my 50 out more often... poor thing is totally neglected lately. But the darkness of winter is upon us, so I know she'll be getting tons more use!

PS- from another freckle face- I used to hate mine too, but I LOVE them now and I love that my kids have them even more! (and THEY hate theirs... ahh, memories)

--sme said...

The color versions are just as dramatic as the B&W! I love all of these! And the reflection/catchlight gives quite a depth to the picture--like you're reflecting something but we can't quite tell what (has a very deep feel)

pat said...

Bobbi, I love the fact that you can see you reflected in the catchlights. What a cool shot!! (chin crop or not, I like it!)

Angela2932 said...

You got outstandingly beautiful eyes! These are wonderful crops! Boredom struck here too, and I was definitely not productive in the slightest today!

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