Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trek or Treat

Get it??? Anyways so my family is Trekkies (minues moi), I have resigned myself to the truth. Blaze was Captain Kirk for Halloween, James was Spock, and James transformed Keatons costume into the Mugato which is a villian from Star Trek...though Keaton got called an ice cream cone the most, and a unicorn the 2nd most.

The lighting conditions were not great and I was in a hurry but here are a bunch of snaps from Halloween. (Btw, Keats did end up enjoying his costume more than the pics from my previous post-yay!)










My friend Shawna had told me a long time ago that James looked like Zachary Quinto from Heros.

And I was like Yeah I don't see it.

Then I found this picture and was kind of like...hmm maybe I do see it.

And then the new Star Trek poster came out and wow do I see it.

Star Trek Poster:

Tried some photoshopping and made James a poster:


Mom2Drew said...

Whoa...that is some serious awesomeness! Your PS poster looks so much like the other one too, you going to print that and let him hang it in his toy room?

I'm totally showing William these tonight. Bet we'll be some sort of Trekkies next year, just you wait and see. I so need a little girl...

Becky said...

These are the best!!!! I've never called my DH over to look at photos before, but I just did and we had a great laugh. (I was like, "You know my POTD friend who makes me laugh and sends me funny links?")The action shots are the best! Did you dress up?

Erika said...

Wow!! Super cool pictures!

Kristi said...

That is TOO cool!! GREAT job on costumes!! And the poster! :)

Tricia said...

WoW, these are awesome. You did great with the costumes.

Lauren Hartman said...

These are fantastic! I'm going to have to show my DH these, he used to really like Star Trek. That forth one down of Blaze is great, I love the way he posed for you!

Angela2932 said...

Wow I love that photo shopped poster! And the horn addition to the costume is great. . . but maybe he just wants to be a trekki too?

Amy ~ Just Being Aimlyss said...

Awesome! Great shots, love the costumes, especially those eyebrows! :)

Reds said...

Wow!!! What amazing costumes!!! Not a trekkie - but love those costumes and your shots!!!

Unknown said...

Shawna was so right! Wow. What a cute famiy you have!! :)

pat said...

Oh my gosh---what a HOOT!! I LOVE LOVE these costumes, and the entire Trek theme. JAmes does make a very awesome Spock, Bobbi! Your poster is sooo cool--WTG!

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