Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My awesome friend Jess tagged me. The rules were to post my 4th picture of my 4th month of my blog...yikes I am scared!

Let's keep in mind that I had only had my camera 3 months at this time, it was the first time I even shot anyone other than family(not for money of course) and I wasn't to savy about custom white balance.

Here goes:

Beautiful girl, lets just convert that to b/w and pretend that color never happened.

If I was the cheating type I would have prented I just started my blog this year, since I didn't really blog that much last year. And it would have been this picture:


I guess I am a kinda cheater ;)

I tag:
Becky,Donnah,Amy, and Pat

And now a random Teen Girl Squad!!


Sarah said...

I. Love. Strong Bad.

Have you ever gone through his "emails"...holy cow! If you haven't, make sure you look for guitar, sisters, & kids' book! HILARIOUS!

Jess said...

OMG. Strong Bad! I love that randomness!

And I love your post today... that is SO not a bad photo! See, you were rockin' before you even KNEW you were rockin'! :)

pat said...

Bobbi--that can't be 4/4--nice shot! Can't believe that was only after 3 months!!

Amy said...

Wow, that photo looks pretty darn good to me! Although I do love the b/w conversion best. :) I'm off to see what photo I'm going to post since I was tagged!

Becky said...

That video is weirdo goodness. I already posted tonight but I'll do the tag tomorrow. (I don't mind being tagged cuz it really does make me feel loved :-) ) I might cheat by accident because I find it confusing. I know it's simple, but so am I. :-D I think your photo looks pretty darn good!

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