Sunday, September 7, 2008

Reason #425 why I am ridiculous

and yes there probably are that many:

a headless Popeye shirt! I saw this Saturday and became obsessed with it. And not in a healthy "I have to have this for photos kind of way"(cause that's healthy right??). More like "Why in the world do I have to have this shirt that they don't even have in my son's much so that I would be willing to spend two hours driving to different Targets the next day just to find it in his size" kinda way. Which is exactly what I did, what can I say...I am what I am and that's all that I am. I love it so.

He seems to enjoy it as much as I do so it's all good right?

...Well maybe not

But I still love it lol, I don't know why I get so much amusement from it

I know the color is wonky here, but these are really just snapshots where I didn't feel like going crazy getting the perfect settings or editing. I think on the last one I just ran an action and didn't do any tweaking. Thanks for looking :)

P.S- New Song! Love is by Rebekah Higgs-loves it!


Reds said...

I understand why you went to so many Targets to get the right size - it is ADORABLE!! :)

Jackie's Shot said...

Great shots well worth the shopping trip. Love the first one.

Keva said...

I don't think you could take a bad shot, even when it's just a snap to looks awesome to me. Cute shirt, cuter boy!

Jess said...

OMG... I am obsessed with that shirt now too! It is AWESOME! I wonder if they have an Olive Oyl one in K's size... hmmm... ;)

Keats is the PERFECT Popeye... :)

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

What a cool shirt. He is just so cute.

~Jenn H~ said...

OMG, Keats is adorable, and you can color me ridiculous, too, because I'm off tomorrow to find one for Josh! That's awesome!!

Anonymous said...

oh i love target so i would be right there with you! love the shirt! that last shot is fantastic!!! love it!! okay, but i love all your shots! oh i meant to ask you ...whats your favorite lens?

Val said...

So funny! I love weird shirts from Target. Tristan (my 2 year old) has one that says"I still live with my parents". We get looks all the time when he has it on.hehe

Becky said...

I would do the same thing, because it's awesome! (Actually, I would send my DH to get it because he travels all over the state for work and I get him to find everything for me).
Bobbi, I want you to move to Maine and be my new (way younger and cuter) best friend. I LOVE The Office and say "That's what she said," all the time too! Have you seen the British version? Love that too (maybe more even).

Cindi Koceich said...

My motto is, if you use it in a picture you've gotten your money's(and time's) worth because you can enjoy it for years to come!!!

Absolutely precious...Target you say???

Yvette A said...

He is so cute, great "snapshots"

IndieJane said...

Oh gosh...I LOVE IT.

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