Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Wii Family

Ok I realize these are insanely bad quality (it is hard taking a picture of a tv screen!) but since I talked about how much I love our Wii I thought I would share our Wii Miis, which are the characters you create based on yourself and play your games with. There is probably some place you can even make these online but I am too lazy to look for it.

The Blaze one is particular cracks me up cause it is so dead on him.




Mii (couldn't resist)!

And just so there is a real picture in here, he is one I took of Blaze the other day. I got off early from work and decided to swing by the park. There is some serious hand chop here but what are ya gonna do? He's still a cutie :) He is getting too big too fast though.


Anonymous said...

Your wii family is looking good...lol! I love the photo of your little guy! He is adorable.

Donnah Ciempka said...

Ha ha... we bought a Wii last week and have not stopped using it. Our neighbours (below us) complained yesterday because of the stomping.

Becky said...

Your Mii looks like my DD's except with sexier eyes. :-) Isn't it freaky how much like us they really look? (although the kids made one of our dog that looks a little like Ron Jeremy).
And Blaze is handsome as always--love that shirt!

Mom2Drew said...

Yea...it's amazing how those little avatars look like you. My MIL has one that is identical to her, it's crazy.

Love it!

Michelle said...

what a good looking wii family! love that last pic of your little man. he is definitely growing up fast.

Jess said...

OMG, that is SO Blaze! His looks eerily like Austin's Mii! ROFL!

Sidenote... Oh my CRAP I freakin' LOVE The Royal Tennenbaums! I laugh my ass off every time I watch it! You know how they say everyone has a twin out there somewhere? Well I honestly think we have twin personalities! WOW. :)

summerbl4ck said...

we havent tried the wii, looks like you have fun!

For Over 29 Years... said...

oh that is so funny! my kids are dying for a wii. Maybe for christmas.

Margaret said...

Love your Wii family! So funny! Cute photo at the end, too!

Mandy said...

Wow...WII is too cool. I have resisted buying it as of yet. They look so much like you.

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

Our Wii Mii family is now **Waving** to your wii mii family. Isn't it a blast. We are all into the Wii fit, so much competition. BTW Blaze is a little cutie.

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