Monday, August 29, 2011

All work and no play...

has been my life lately. I try not to complain about it cause there are many people out there who would love a job. I am thankful for making a living and actually don't dislike my job. Working the abundance of overtime hours in addition to the normal forty is wearing on me though. When I get off work I feel like doing nothing. I want my brain to just shut off. I miss my free time, I miss my camera, and more importantly I miss my family. Pity party here ;)

But with not much of a possible end in site I've decided to take it upon myself to make time for the other things no matter what. Time is just ticking away and passing me by...and when it's gone it's gone.

So with that in mind I grabbed some of James Star Trek Mini Mates the other day and took some time out to "play" I'm thinking of making a whole toys/legos type series.

"Chicks...Highly Illogical"

"Unfortunately, the Gorn was not prepared for Kirks version of "Rock,Paper,Scissors"

About Me

I am a 27 year old wife, friend, and mother. I am a take it one day at a time kinda gal. I love to have fun and capture memories. I believe that a positive attitude makes a postive life so have a great day and enjoy my blog :) Thank you for looking and taking an interest.


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