Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Keats

Ok so I missed your birthday post too(at least not as late as your brothers if you look below...gotta count for something, right?)

I cannot believe you are four (closer to five now). Soon you will be off to school and I don't even want to think about that. For now I will keep referring to you as my baby.

Because of your older brother I know some of the precious things I love so much about you have a limited time left. Like saying things wrong such as "My hams" which is clearly "My hands". Smiling at us while saying, "I make a smile face at you." The waking up every morning and whispering "You are my best mommy alive ever." Or the way you blow kisses and make me "Catch them and put them in your pocket for later!" Lately you have been throwing hugs too which I really think could catch on. I will miss when those stop being every day sayings and doings.

You are such a funny, sweet boy and every day you grow better.

Your best mommy alive ever


Barb C said...

What a cutie!!!

pat said...

Oh, Bobbi, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter. i can't believe how grown-up her is looking these days. That first shot is soooo cute. Thanks for including all those cute "Keats-isms"; they made me smile!

Esther said...

Man alive. Can he get even cuter? I love the little things that you desribed about him. That first picture is just priceless. Beautiful work Bobbi and Happy Birthday to your "baby"!

Reds said...

awwww - such a sweet post!! And he is as cute as ever!

Jill said...

Oh he is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Wonderful captures of your kiddo! I love that you've documented his sayings. They made me smile. My boys do the same thing :)

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