Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mamma Mia

Every year I think I am going to take super cute "professional" quality pictures of my kids in their costumes. And every year ten minutes before Tick or Treat I get some snapshots of them in the front yard.

Timing has never been a strong area for me...hence the over a week late Halloween post. But none the less my kids are super cute, got that part down!

All night Blaze was asking anyone if they "Had any pasta in there?" in his perfected Italian accent while Keaton just fussed with his moustache. It was pretty awesome.

I wish this boy would just stop being so serious all the time!

Throwing firebombs. Or peace signs, whatever it is that Marios do.

Apparently this is Blaze's new go-to pose.

If Blaze does it his shadow Keats will surely have to try it too.

To see the Pete and Repeat show in full effect (and get to hear their awesome accents) watch the video below. It's adorable if I do say so myself.


Joanne said...

OMGosh your kids are cute!! And seem to love the camera!

Nicki said...

Your kids need to lighten up - much too serious (lol!) We had a set of these trick-or-treating in our neighborhood - but with much less character.

pat said...

And here I was expecting Star Wars, or at least something Trekkish. They look adorable! Cutest Mario and Luigi I've seen, and the accents are a HOOT!

Reds said...

Most awesome costumes!! And the accent is priceless!

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