Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A PSA about PCS

So I sat down and was going to post a "Many faces of Blaze" blog of random shots I have taken throughout the summer when I realized something serious.

There was only one face of Blaze this summer. Due to an unfortunate disease known as PCS he was unable to smile in front of a camera.

I know that there are probably many of you with questions on PCS so I put together a little Q&A for you.

Q- "What is PCS?"
A- PCS is an illness that stands for Photographer's Child Syndrome.

Q- Is my child at risk?
A- Unfortunately PCS is all too common. If you are a photographer or even an active hobbyist chances are you or someone you know has already been affected by PCS.

Q- What are the symptoms of PCS?
A- Lack of eye contact, refusal to smile, same look for every picture... running away and screaming if a camera is seen are all signs of PCS. Also if you hear your child saying, "No more pictures" as they are sleeping or refusing to have anything to do with cheese this could be a sign they have contacted PCS.

Q- Is PCS contagious?
A- I am happy to report that PCS is not contagious as my younger son has been PCS free for 3 years now.

Q- Is there a cure for PCS?
A- Unfortunately no cure has yet been found. There are temporary remedies such as bribes that may ease you through this period.

Below are some examples to show you what PCS might look like. Now this was not a serious case so remember PCS comes in many forms.

Starting to see a little crack in his facade here.

In all seriousness what I love most about these pictures are his eyes (ok and his lips..I am a little jealous of his perfect lips!). Blaze has always had a little bit of a lazy eye. We thought his having glasses might correct it but they weren't really so he has started to have to wear a patch this summer for six hours a day and I already see a huge difference.

Oh and just so he doesn't have any of you fooled...this is the Blaze I know and love.


Maria said...

He DOES have great lips! This post made me crack a huge smile . . . my family definitely has caught a case of PCS . . . LOL!

Krystle said...

HAHA! I loved your PSA; that was awesome. I'm a sucker for brown-eyed boys(I have one of my own). These are all great shots, and I bet he isn't half as innocent as he was portrayed ;)

pookiepea said...

This cracked me up!!!!!! He is a handsome little dude, and when that smile broke loose it was worth the wait. Love these!

Nicki said...

You are a brave soul to share your story. Worth noting - PCS can afflict any age, at any time, and sometimes without any warning. I love your pictures - and that smile is worth capturing, even if sparingly.

Reds said...

Good to see you back! Too bad about the PSA - glad you managed some photos too - even without the smile - he is too cute!

Margaret said...

So funny! I know what you mean about PCS. My children have been/are/most likely will be afflicted with it at some time or another. Blaze is handsome no matter what, though....even when slightly affected by PCS! So fun to see him...and you again!

Angela2932 said...

Ha! I love your writing in this! Sadly, we have rampant PCS in my household and there's something particularly pernicious about having multiple PCS's in one household: non-PCS's get treated like pariahs! Even neighbor kids are beginning to avoid me. . . *sigh*

I'm glad he allowed you to photograph him "for documentation purposes" of this dreaded disease; I love looking at him!

And it makes me feel unduly happy to know that you didn't know Delaware was a state! In college, I didn't know Pennsylvania was in the east! (But then one of my roommates thought Egypt was on the south-side of Chicago, so the rest of us are doing just fine!)

Amy said...

Haaaa! This is so funny! Great shots, too. He's handsome!

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