Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Face Only a Mother Could Love..

"Oh yeah Mom I would love to take some pictures today!"

How could I have not suspected it was a trick???

But he gave me some keepers too..because all in all he is an amazing kid. A goofy goober a lot...but an amazing one with a face everyone can love.

If you ever bored and want to read some funny stories about above amazing kid check out my husbands blog here:

Stuff My Sons Say

He needs to update it because there have been many more awesome stories, it's worth bookmarking!

P.S. Hello again blog, computers that crash stink. My next one will be a mac for sure.


Maria said...

These are adorable! They put a huge smile on my face!

Reds said...

Love his funny faces!! He is too cute!

Samantha said...

How cute! You definitely have some keepers there, as well as some great blackmail shots for when he starts dating. ;)

Angela2932 said...

He is such a cutie and how wonderful to have a little fix of him and Bobbi again! Sorry about the computer crashing/torture!

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