Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Keats!

It's so funny to look back at our babies and remember how small they once were. I remember how it looks but I have to really think back to how it feels..and I can never quite get there. I miss the way he fit so perfectly in my arms and being able to gaze at him for seemingly forever before he ran away.

At a teensy three months.

Right at one year old.

He looks so young and still babyish.

Last shot with those curls.

Right after I caved and cut his hair off (after his 2nd birthday as I promised the hubs..still kinda mad about it ;)

And now he is three. As I miss those baby moments above I love the little man he has become. The ball of energy who cracks me up, and surprises me with kisses, and hugs, and "I love you Mommys", and phrases like, "Mom your shirt is beautiful" Who loves He-Man, Ghostbusters, Star Trek (nothing from the past 20 years it seems). Who is perfect in every single way. Even when he is being incredibly naughty I think to myself how adorable he is, and that says well as makes it insanely difficult to discipline.

Playing around in photoshop. I love how old school this looks.

I think I like this cropped closer until I get a baseboard for my "floor"

I cannot even say how much I love this kid, it can't be put into any amount. The last three years have just flown by so I really need to make a plea with time to slow down.

P.S- I don't know why my vertical pics are looking pixely (or if its my eyes) but I am too tired to fix them tonight, sorry!


Becky said...

I actually remember that one-year-old photo from back then...sniff, sniff. One of my friends thinks three-year-olds should come equipped with t-shirts with a photo of a hand giving the finger with the caption, "I'm three."

Nicki said...

Awe! Its all about the eyes with him - tender, mischief, love. He has grown up so much.

For Over 29 Years... said...

I remember all those pictures! I cna't believe how much has has changed from 2 to 3. He really does look bigger, sob.

pat said...

Oh, Bobbi, I remember all those pictures! I felt several new silver hairs spring out when I saw the new Keats looking out at me from the screen. Where did that young man come from??? Are you sure he didn't pop through a worm hole from some other time dimension? (Ask James) Too grown up too soon, but sooooooooooo cute!!!

Suzy said...

Happy birthday sweet Keats! He is adorable at all ages! It's been so much fun watching him grow!

Meaghan said...

What a handsome little boy! They grow way too fast, my baby boy is almost 6 and it shocks me!

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

Uhh Wow he looks like a little boy like all the babyish is not there. They do grow oh so fast.

Denita said...

What a handsome little guy he is! I can relate to your feelings, but I have to go back a bit further (my oldest baby is now 14). Time goes too fast.

Reds said...

So sweet!! He is a real cutie - at whatever age!!

Angela2932 said...

What an adorable, handsome guy, and wait until you see all the fun you're going to have in the adventures he takes you along in! TFS this love story.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome boy your baby became! I love the old school one with the mussed hair.

Christina said...

Awww...I love that last shoot-I need a copy of that!

bprincephoto said...

Love seeing him grow up! He is adorable.

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