Wednesday, November 4, 2009


These really aren't the best pictures ever (on board flash even, gasp!) But I had to show off the incredible job my husband did with the costumes.

Keats wanted to be He-Man so James made his whole costume. With the exception of the sword. One of James friends was making his kid a He-Man costume too so he made both of the swords and James painted Keats. They both made amazing He-Mans!

For those of us that don't remember exactly what He-Man looked like here is a picture of a toy (how sad that I had this in my archives)

And here is my little Keats-Man.

He loved it!!

Blaze actually wanted to be something scary this year! Which is so different for him. James also did a lot of work with the fur on his clothes.

My husband rocks at being a Daddy...and a husband.


Anonymous said...

Those are some awesome costumes and how special that their daddy helped with the fun!

See What I See said...

Your husband did a wonderful job with the costumes. Fun photos.

pat said...

OH my gosh, Bobbi, I am sooo impressed that James did Keats' costume! He totally rocked it! And Blaze's is awesome, too. I think James needs some kind of AH (Awesome Hub) award. Seriously.

Susan said...

How awesome and how fun! Your photos are beautiful!

Reds said...

Wow - your husband is very talented! Those are some great costumes!! Wow!

Mandy said...

These are just INSANE. And can I say how rockin it is that he used HE-Man. Wow. Talk about flash back. I still have Skelators castle! Now I have the theme song stuck in me head.

Nicki said...

You need to rent your husband's costume making services out next Halloween - these are awesome!

Sharon said...

Excellent costumes!

Please tell Keats to stop growing! ;)

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

They both look so awesome. Way to go to you DH.

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