Monday, April 27, 2009

Drive-by Disney and a random fish..

I feel like I have to put my Disney pictures up and out of the way so I can post the sneak peek pictures of my nephew tomorrow. So even though I think they are not very good here they are, just snapped as we were walking through the parade. We didn't really have time to stop and watch it all but Keaton loved seeing the characters.





And a few snaps of Blaze at the convention, I honestly think this might be the first time I have ever used this camera's on board flash.




And this is a completely random picture but I just found it. This was taken on Easter at James sisters house. All the boys were riding their bikes and Blaze thought he wasn't as good of a rider as everyone else (just needs to practice more). He was sitting on the slide, how sad does he look?

At least the picture cracked him up :)


pat said...

Oh, poor Blaze! I'm glad the shot made him smile. Looks like the convention was a kick!

Sharon said...

Fun captures! Love the one of Blaze on the slide.

Becky said...

I love the colors, especially in the first one! (I left a video on your wall, btw.)

Margaret said...

Fun Disney shots. Those made me smile! And that last shot is tooooo funny! :)

Anonymous said...

That conventio looks great! And the slide photo is awesome:)

Mandy said...

The Disney pics are super fun. I always wonder what the expressions of the people INSIDE the costumes are. :P

And the last one of Blaze is so silly...I just love it.

Reds said...

Oh poor little guy - that is one cute shot!! And looks like everyone had loads of fun at the convention!

Jess said...

Aww, poor Blaze! He does look so sad! I think your Disney shots are awesome- I am so jealous you got to go, even if only for a "drive by", LOL! The convention looks like fun too- I bet the boys all had a blast!

Mom2Drew said...

I LOVE that last shot-something about his expression combined with the POV!

OH, but William would have loved that convention AND Disney, I won't show him these pics or I'll hear about it until we make arrangements to go.

Angela2932 said...

Nice Disney photos! YOu got great color and it they look so happy. . . unlike poor Blaze! LOL! I love that last shot.

Christina said...

Love the Disney pics and the convention pics crack me up. He is so much like James it is scary!
Can't wait for the sneak peeks! :)

Esther said...

How fun! I can't wait till my kids are old enough to enjoy Disneyland. I love that fishy! Sooo stinkin' cute, even though he was feeling blue. -Esther

James Sawyer said...

That picture of Blaze is cracking me up...

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