Tuesday, May 29, 2007

POTD- My Boy

Now I couldn't live without either of my children or my DH but it all started with this guy so this is to him. This is my son Blaze. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My firstborn and my first love. While I was pregnant people would tell me half jokingly, "Say goodbye to your life." I didn't realize I hadn't even take my first breath till I saw this boy's precious face. As soon he was born I realized my life was no longer mine. I wasn't living for myself anymore, I was living for him. Before having children you hear a lot about the negatives...the sleepless nights,the crying, spit up, but it is all the positives that slip through the cracks. Maybe it is because it is hard to find the words to describe. I wasn't prepared for the amount of love I could feel so intensely in an instant. I didn't know how amazing those first smiles and laughs would make me feel...like I had accomplished something to make my baby so happy. How I could be having the worst day over trivial things and just him climbing in my lap can put life back into order. I knew as a parent I would have to teach him things, but I never knew how much I would learn from him as well. He humbles me. When I talk to Keaton now and call him baby Blaze pipes up, "Well I will always be your first baby mom" Yes you will, and I thank you for that.


Jan said...

Yep, having a baby changes everything!! Isn't it wonderful??? Great shots of your family and you. TFS!

Tiffany said...

love the dof on this one.

Mom2Drew said...

Welcome to the POTD thread...we have so much fun around here! I like the journaling and the colors in your photo and Blaze is a very unique/cool name!

April Ziegler said...

That was the sweetest thing I ever read. =) And what a handsome boy you have. Incredible color!

Trisha said...

He's beautiful and I read your intro post and it sounds like you have a wonderful, beautiful family! Glad you joined us! Can't wait to see more beautiful pics!

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