Thursday, May 31, 2007

POTD- Music

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This isn't so much about my ipod, ,more like music in general. It's probably pretty apparent that I love music since my song changes on here everyday. It makes me happy :) And sad when I want to be, if that makes sense. There are so many songs that are just perfect for enhancing moods. I need it when I work out, clean, drive, during downtime at work- it motivates me. I listen to everything, though I am partial to 80's music. And I love guilty pleasure songs...ones that when I put on people are like "why do you have this song" and two seconds later they are singing along. Examples- New Kids on the Block, Right Said Fred, Roxette, Morris Day, Apache Indian(the song playing "Boom Shak a Lak" any Dumb and Dumber Fans?) One of my favorite things to do is on a nice day just go driving with my window down and my music up.


Mom2Drew said...

I'm not an 80s fan, but I'm a huge ipod fan!! I just got a hot pink nano for my birthday in March and have just enjoyed it tremendously!! Yours is a fun color!

April Ziegler said...

I love my i-pod! My playlist is totally random... it's go from pop to latin to country to oldies, lol. Keeps things interesting.

Heather said...

I so understand the ipod thing. Mine stays in my car always! I love it! Great shots and I love the money shot too:)

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