Monday, August 25, 2008

My reason

I found a reason to keep living
Oh and the reason, dear, is you
I found a reason to keep singing
Oh and the reason, dear, is you

Oh I do believe
If you dont like things you leave
For some place you never gone before

Honey, I found a reason to keep living
And you know the reason, dear its you
And Ive walked down lifes lonely highways
Hand in hand with myself
And I realized how many paths have crossed between us

Oh I do believe
Youre all what you perceive
What come is better that what came before

The Velvet Underground


I am so lucky to have a husband who lets me take pictures of him whenever I want. I wanted to do some testing with a lens to see if it was giving me trouble (it wasn't-yay!) And I feel like I have been neglecting my blog so I am sharing the picture.

So just a picture from when I was testing it out-I think my husband is such a hottie...of course since I married him ;) Even with his rarely seen serious face here.


Reds said...

Yup - hottie he is!! Beautiful photo!

Nicole said...

Yep, you are one lucky guy! so glad you like the lenz.

Sharon said...

He sure is handsome!

Margaret said...

Great shot! Good-lookin' guy!

Emily Weaver Brown said...

I hope you don't mind me saying that he is a cutie!

Amanda said...

What a gorgeous pic of him...and he is a hottie mchottie if I do say so myself. Love the shadowing in this adds such a great depth.

Becky said...

Bobbi, weirdest thing. I listen to the Adam Carolla show on podcast and I'm always way behind. Yesterday I was listening to the July 31 podcast, and they interviewed Richard Cheese (and told a funny story about a practical joke Jimmy Kimmel played on him). I had never heard of him until you--freaky.

And yes, DH is a hottie. :-)

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