Thursday, August 28, 2008

Morning Lullabies

I woke up
With your head on my arm
My hand was numb
Circulation gone
But I dared not move the pretty sleeping one

The sun had painted
Patterns on your face
As you breathed Sunday air
You rolled onto
My open arm
I became your pillow; you let me smooth your hair

I will sing you morning lullabies
You are beautiful and peaceful this way
I know you have to close your eyes on everyone
Let me help you, I'll sing you to sleep
With morning lullabies

-Ingrid Michaelson

I love that song, if you haven't heard it go check it out :) I really don't know if there is anything more precious than a sleeping baby, just the way their body curls and they look so peaceful. I love when my kids fall asleep in my bed or when Blaze comes wandering in some mornings and lays down with us to get a few extra z's. It is probably one of my favorite moments in the world.


Every time I look at a closeup of the kids face I see so much of me here...except for the "butt chin". I don't know where he got that but it is adorable on him- <3 him!

These pictures are such a great reason to have a flash around-almost 10pm and very, very dark in the room.


Unknown said...

Adorable! I love sleeping photos.

Sharon said...

Oh goodness! That is so precious, wonderful capture!!

Anonymous said...

Oh these are just precious! I love them both!
So sweet!

Jeannie said...

aww what precious photos. You did great capturing these.

Hugs ~ Jeannie

p.s. maybe we should get together sometime when it gets back warmer weather.

Becky said...

He is so adorable all curled up like that!
After reading those lyrics, I suspect I'll be downloading a new song soon.
You know what song turns me into a puddle of goo? "The One Who Knows" by Dar Williams.

Jess said...

AWWWW! *sigh* He makes my heart skip a beat! I LOVE sleeping kids. No matter how frustrating and bad they were during the day, seeing them sleep it all just falls away and they are little angels again!

LOVE the "butt chin"... Austin has one and I think it's the cutest. :)

Keva said...

awww, I love sleeping babies. and as always, I LOVE your black and white conversion. Just BEAUTIFUL.

Joanne Fowler said...

Takes my breath away... how very precious these are! LOVE.

Lauren Hartman said...

These are so lovely, what a beautiful boy he is, and you captured him so well.

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...


Michelle said...

how sweet. I love how curled up and at peace he is here. perfect.

Mandy said...

oh goodness! These are just so heartwarming. I adore the last one...the close of of his lashes. So darling and precious. LOVE that song too.

Unknown said...

What great pictures! Keats is by far the cutest kid ever. Even sleeping he pulls off his dashing good looks! ;-)

KRISTIE said...

i love these shots. you need to put them on a notecard set for the grandmothers.

pat said...

Bobbi, this is an adorable photo! He looks like a little cherbub...such a cutie.

Rachael said...

Beautiful! What sweet pictures. I love those moments as well.

Kassi said...

Can I just say I LOVE your reference to a butt chin?!?! My son has one, and my mom is always laughing when I refer to his "butt chin" and my husbands mom always corrects me and says "It's a cleft chin.." or whatever it's really called. LOL. Very handsome little guy you have! I LOVE those curls.

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