Sunday, July 20, 2008

Really Carrot Top?

I mean what happened here? If someone could explain I would be grateful, cause I am scared ;)


Ok, so with that above it can only mean....random picture time! These are just some random pictures of the kids here and there, no theme or anything.

Bored Face!

Banana Face!

Indiana Jones Face?

Well dang, I really started this thinking no theme but there I go linkng them.

Proof that my kids love each other. I mean I know it's true but I was so happy to see this.

And such a snapshot, kinda sad about that. I was really just putting my camera away and they were looking at something like this, no joke. Stinks that the background is kinda distracting but what can you do.

This has been a random picture post by Bobbi Sawyer :)


Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the 2 boys hugging!

Reds said...

Fun post - love these random photos!

Mom2Drew said...

Awe, but what perfect radomness it is! That last one melts my heart, totally didn't even look at the background. Your Indiana Jones DOF is yummy!

Anonymous said...

These are all so cute! I love the boarder around that last photo! Awesome!

pat said...

The brotherly love photo is soo sweet, Bobbi! Don't you just love those moments?

Angelica said...

Love the one of them sweet! I also love the last one and I don't think the background is distracting at all.

Shanna Jones said...

Re: carrot top...I think it's called make-up and hair dye...LOL

Love the random pictures. So sweet!

Keva said...

In years to come your boys will remember that backyard and all the memories they made in it...they will be happy to have the distraction as a reminder (not that I found it distracting...)

Love the one of them hugging.

Angela2932 said...

Nice random photos! I love the hugging photo, and the 3 walking away, hand-in-hand.

Kristen Wagner Penn said...

I love all of your random photos! And the background does not distract from the precious moment in the last one at all!

Amy said...

Sorry, I disagree with you about the last shot. I think the vingetting you did is awesome and I think the wild background kind of evokes a "dad-guiding-the-kids-in-the-wild-world" type vibe. Great random shots!

Mandy said...

Um....carrot top IS horrifying! Seriously...he is a freak of nature I am sure of it.

I really love the the last one of them all holding hands. That is just darling.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures.

Carrot Top is DISTURBING.

Debbi said...

Fun randomness! I love the last two - so sweet.

Jess said...

These are so precious- especially that last shot! I love it even more BECAUSE it's not perfect!

And OMG... "new carrot top" is FREAKING ME OUT! WTH?!

Michelle said...

that last photo is just so sweet. love the connections there.

Tori said...

love these! I really like the brotherly love one.... so cute! And I'm totally liking the music on your blog... who is that?

♥ Amy said...

What love you captured in the last two. Those are fantastic.

April said...

oh i think that last one is awesome. and that is scary of carrot top!

Suzy said...

That can't be the same carrot-top? His chin and nose are completely different? Now I'm confused to? Love the shot of the two boys hugging.

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